DigiArt Tjenester 1

Sale of image files

Need images for websites, advertising campaigns, Annual Reports, newspapers, magazines, and the like? It's easy to buy image files from my rich photo archive. The images are searchable by keyword. One can search for places, weather- and lighting, species with mer. I have competitive prices, great flexibility, and a very simple pricing structure.

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Image products and decoration

What with a new picture on the wall? I offer the sale of pictorial art to private and business. Large and small projects. I have, among other specialized me on engineering and decoration of offshore vessels. I supply many different designs as pressure on the foam plate, canvas, gallery print, aluminum, laminated, and traditional images framed.

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I offer photography in the studio. I'm shooting the breathtaking scenery and wildlife, in near and distant areas, everything for sale through my webshop. I am so fortunate to live in a place with nature ranging from spectacular mountains to unique fjords. We have the sea with boating, rich bird- and wildlife, storms, rain, snow, and sometimes we also have sunny weather.

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