Vessel naming ceremony at Fosnavåg harbor | Skipsdåp ved Fosna

Vessel naming ceremony in Fosnavåg harbor, Norway

Thursday 9. April 2015 Fosnavåg harbor was visited by the 19 meter wide offshore vessel Olympic Bibby. There was only about 1 meter clearance on each side as the vessel sailed into the tight call. The vessel is built on Kleven shipyard for the vessel owner Olympic Shipping, after design from the company Marin Teknikk.     Copyright: DigiArt Kay-Åge Fugledal –…


Northern lights over crust Sundet

Out in March 2015 we run a promotional price of photo Northern lights over crust Sound on 30% off the regular price. Size 60×90 cm on the foam plate. Click here for more information about pressure on the foam plate. Regular price £ 2890,- ink, mva Offers Price kr 2025,- tax incl. Campaign period has expired. Click on the image below for more information.  


Here is an overview of some of my customers; ISLAND OFFSHORE Main Supplier of own pictorial following boats; – Island Intervention – Island Centurion – Island Captain – Island Crusader – Island Contender – Island Duke – Island Duchess – Island Dragon – Island Dawn Each framing gift pictures, and design from other photographers. BLUE SHIP INVEST AS…

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Sale of image files

Need images for websites, advertising campaigns, Annual Reports, newspapers, magazines, and the like? It's easy to buy image files from my rich photo archive. The images are searchable by keyword. One can search for places, weather- and lighting, species with mer. I have competitive prices, great flexibility, and a very simple pricing structure.

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Lyngnesvika at Ulstein

"Lyngnesvika" is a bay nearby Ulsteinvik, located in west Norway. Among other things, you will find two large Norwegian shipyards here. The pictures are captured during a beautiful summer’s night in June 2014. Below you will find some example photos, and at bottom you will find a slideshow with a selection of the picture I captured. The panorama formats are 1:3 format, and stitched by several exposures. They are useful for large prints. Alle…