How to order Images

Visit my Portfolio or my Image Archive to look at the pictures.

  • Min Portfolio showing a limited selection of images in great way on the screen, med store bilder, and is therefore adapted to provide an aesthetic good and pleasant experience.
  • Mitt Image Archive show all pictures that are posted in the online catalog, and is adapted to display details about the pictures, Keywords, and give you good search. You can find example images of puffins in flight on round, polar bears from Svalbard, Northern Lights, places in Sunnmøre, to mention something.

Notes or copies PICTURE NAME. Then select one Image product for installation on the wall, or purchase a digital file for download.

Photos to hang on the wall

How to copy the image name when you are based in Photo Archives.

If you see an “More Info” link up in the corner of image, press this to view details about the picture.


If you do not see this, then the detail view is already active – se under.

About the detail view is already active, you should see a section to the right of the picture, and here you will find the image name.



How do you copy the image name when you are based on my Portfolio.

Click on an image to see larger view. Under each picture you will see a menu. Click “i” button in the menu to display more information about the image.


You are now entering the archive view, and can find the image name as explained above.

Tips! You can easily go back to the picture you showed in Portfolio display by pressing the backspace key on your keyboard, or back on your phone, Tablet etc.

Digital files

If you want to get my pictures printed elsewhere, or you want to use those in print or on the Internet or other electronic media, so you can easily buy those electronic file. When you star in archive view, and displays information about the image, click “Add to cart” scarce.


You will then get 5 election, and can choose the size that fits your needs.


You can then finalize your purchase using PayPal. You will then be able to download the image immediately afterwards.

Of course you can also call me at +47 90870102, send e-mail or use my Contact Form.

Although I work regularly with posting pictures in the image archive on the Internet, I have tens of thousands of photos that I have not gotten laid out yet. So if you can not find what you are looking for here, please contact, and maybe I have lying just the image you need on my server at home.

Take a look at the other image products I deliver by clicking the menu below.