Vessel naming ceremony at Fosnavåg harbor | Skipsdåp ved Fosna

Vessel naming ceremony in Fosnavåg harbor, Norway

Thursday 9. April 2015 Fosnavåg harbor was visited by the 19 meter wide offshore vessel Olympic Bibby. There was only about 1 meter clearance on each side as the vessel sailed into the tight call. The vessel is built on Kleven shipyard for the vessel owner Olympic Shipping, after design from the company Marin Teknikk.     Copyright: DigiArt Kay-Åge Fugledal –…

Sanco Sword

Photo Delivery to Sanco Sword

DigiArt Kay-Åge Fugledal has designed, and delivered print and framing of a picture package consisting of 100 images to the vessel Sanco Sword, with motives/pictures from Geir Magne Sætre – Naturmotiver. Previously I have delivered complete picture deliveries with my own motives/pictures to 11 offshore vessels, in addition to Sanco Swift and Sanco Sword, that was collaborative projects. DigiArt every pass in 2008…


Flåvær – The archipelago in Herøyfjord

Flåvær is a small group of islets and rocks in Herøyfjord in the municipality Herøy, located in the county Sunnmøre at the west coast of Norway, and includes the islands Flåvær, Husholmen, Torvholmen and Varholmen. The archipelago was inhabited until the mid 1990 's. PHOTO GALLERY – For devices that do not support Flash, such as the iPad, iPhone, and more, click on the image below to see the gallery pictures. The images…


New product – Photo Tiles

After a while with testing new framing consepts, I can now provide Photo Tiles. This is an exciting and flexible way to frame photos where the motive is split into several rectangles, separately framed in a nice standout/boxframe, therafter to be mounted into a larger picture montage. The example below comprises…


Photo Delivery

Last week I delivered pictures for decoration at M / S Leinebjørn. I got an exciting assignment to deliver images to M / S Leinebjørn, including a custom panorama of 2,5 x 0,5 meters with the scene of Leinøy, Norway. It was challenging to find a location where we could get a elongated view of the place. After several reviews, I ended up…



Today, my Facebook page / passed incredible 10.000 likes, and my homepage / have passed 60.000 views. I am so thankful for all visits to my sites, and support to my passion for photography. To celebrate this milestone, I've created an album with 25 memorable moments I have photographed GALLERY –…


Winner of iPad Mini

The lucky winner has now been drawn and contacted both via email and telephone winner has agreed that I can post the name here. The winner has agreed to publish a confirmation premium received on on Facebook when it arrives in the mail. The winner is: Thor Kristian Sortevik. congratulations


Production of Panorama Photo from Ulsteinvik, Norway

I'm printing 3 some large panoramas from Ulsteinvik, Norway. This great photo, a stiched panorama with view over entire Ulsteinvik, is taken by my good friend and photographer colleague Trond Are Thommassen. The one of the version of this picture is over 2 meters wide. Visit also like my portfolio, or choose from the shortcuts in the right margin of this…


Win an iPad Mini Photography's website has passed 50.000 views. This, I am delighted with, and will celebrate by giving away an Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi 32GB. What do you do for this iPad Mini will be your? Follow this link; CLOSED FOR FURTHER RECORD LENGTH STARTER UPDATED WEDNESDAY 30.01.2013 18:53 THE RESULT The lucky winner is now…


Lightroom magazine for iPad

Lightroom magazine: The Adobe Photoshop How-to magazine, from Scott Kelby and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, is where you'll find columns and feature articles from the industry’s top experts on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.. Readers will find plenty of Lightroom tips and tricks, step-by-step tutorials specifically for the Library, Develop, and Book Modules, before and after video tutorials, Lightroom add-on's and much more….